Intersting Post

My boy Thinking Black Man posted a topic on his blog site called ‘Where are the manly men?’ I do think we need to be careful when we say “manly men” A man is not only how you carry yourself but your actions and knowing your purpose.  Most times people confuse manly with being thuggish and not showing emotion.  Of course I don’t think my boy “thinking black man” was saying this, but I needed to put that out there/   I feel you on the braids and twist; some of the brothas I have seen have very intricate hairstyles that I would rather see on a female. I really don’t understand the corn rolls with the seashells or beads.  My sister used to wear her hair like that lol I know some afro centric people will argue that braids and corn rolls is self expression and is related to our ancestors and our heritage.  But to me it is not professional.  That’s just my take on it.

Now I don’t see anything wrong with the color pink.  I have several pink dress shirts, but that’s about it.  The baggy jeans have to go, what I don’t understand is how parents allow their children to dress that way.  What really annoy me the most are these little boys who have their hair out, just long and flowing.  There use to be a time that if your hair was out, you were on your way to get it re-braided.  But some of us have adopted this as a hairstyle.

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