Man Found Dead in Office 10 Hours After 911 Phone Glitch Confuses

Okay there have been too many stories like this one.  Either 9111 operators who don’t take phone calls seriously, or the 911 computer software that does not function correctly.  I think that the state of Maryland needs to reexamine the company who created this software and replace it.  Lives are being lost and the counties and the state of Maryland need to be held accountable. 

Man Found Dead in Office 10 Hours After 911 Phone Glitch Confuses

By Ernesto Londoño

Kaafee Billah walked into his Gaithersburg office shortly before 9 a.m. Tuesday. The 39-year-old sales representative, who had recently started working at the medical company MedImmune Inc., made the first call from his desk at 9:02. Roughly 40 minutes later, he called 911 to say he needed medical…


3 Responses

  1. This incident is a true tragedy and directly linked to the lack of proper understanding of the E911 system and who it works.

    The E911 system is not to blame.

    The company that owns the system either failed, or took the risk of not dealing with a proper 911 plan for their new VoIP network.

    The manufacturer, Cisco, probably omitted the 911 components fromthe bid to lower the cost by $20,000, or just ignored it completely out of ignorance.

    Last year Vonage was blamed for the death of a few folks because of the way they handled E911 calls. Legislation was passed and implemented in record time.

    So where is the law for PBX systems? It was slated for this year, but has been very slow moving. It needs to happen, and happen fast. VoIP technology is here, and it works. If it is deployed or engineered without E911 in mind, more people will die.

    Companies like Cisco that even CHARGE for the capability are just as much to blame. Avaya, Nortel and many others have had this capability in their systems for years!

    If they can do it, so can everyone.

  2. Thank you for shedding light on this situation

  3. He was my one of the closest cousin and i’ve always admired his attitude. It’s so hard to accept People like him has to go like this.. His 5 year old daughter still awaiting his return from maryland. It was tragic .. n it also proved technology we can’t entirely depend on.

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