The Boulevard at the Capital Centre

You know I try.  I really try to support the establishments in P.G. County (that’s right I said P.G.  You got a problem with that??? lol) but the Boulevard at the Capital Centre attracts the wrong type of consumers.

On Sunday I was at Borders Books, checking out the latest reads when all of sudden I hear Mariah Carey’s ‘Shake it Off.’ At first I thought it was some person driving past the store with their sound system blasting, but the music became louder.  It became so loud to the point that I could no longer hear the in-store music.  After another customer and I looked at each other in total confusion, she nods over her shoulder and low and behold we see a woman with a boom box.  Yes ladies and gentleman, this women actually had a boom box inside of the store.

When she walked past me I looked at her with my “umm you know that you are wrong” face and she just kept browsing. I then informed the manager.  He also looked at me like I was lying until the boom box bandit made her way to the counter to pay for her newspaper.  The manager asked her to turn off her radio and she grunted made a few side comments, but did comply with his request.  What made her think that it was ok to do that?

We have a serious problem in this county with respect, tact and courtesy.  Every time Prince George’s County opens a new venue; it is underscored by some people of the county and surrounding areas.  Blvd at the Capital Centre could have been an awesome venture if it did not draw the ghetto fabulous of the metro area.  For example, I have seen a total of three movies at the Magic Johnson Theatre and I will never in my life go again.  Each time I went, I had to deal with loud ghetto people.  I gave it three times yall and the same thing happened.

I know I am a bit critical, but we have enough Shoe City Stores and urban wear apparel stores in the county, we didn’t need any more.  The hard working middle and upper middle class residents of the county did not even attempt to fight and demand from our county officials to bring more main stream stores to this complex.  We are so use to spending our money at Pentagon City, Montgomery Mall and Tysons Corner no one paid any attention to what was being built.

Why doesn’t Prince George’s County have upscale department stores (We got Macys by default in the county). I know there are black owned businesses that are professional and sell quality products; why don’t they have stores at the Blvd?  I am not talking about hip hop clothes but black clothing designers who make casual, dress and formalwear?   

Why doesn’t the county have more fine dining restaurants? I do think that Kobi’s is a move in the right direction.  The Blvd at the Capital Centre does not reflect the majority of the county; And as long as we allow a few ignorant people who make the Boulevard experience a nightmare we will never get better stores and establishments in the County.


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  1. Oh my goodness. A boombox in Borders. That is so trifling. I was there last week. I bet she wouldn’t pull that stunt at the Borders in White Flint or the one downtown.

    I’ve only seen 2 movies at the Magic Johnson Theaters. I didn’t know it had gotten that bad. I was gonna check out some movies this summer so I might have to go to the Bowie theater instead.

    Let’s hope the new Woodmore Centre doesn’t add another Shoe City store.

  2. Yup, she had boom box. I was so blown. I could not believe it.

    Yeah I think the Blvd was a great concept but it attracts the wrong types of people.

  3. I’ve been in the same Borders when the in-store music was so loud that I could not concentrate on selecting a purchase. Until complaints are taken seriously I’ll just ride elsewhere…
    BTW The theater is not bad if you go during the day.

  4. All I have to say is: PG PLAZA!!! It is, in my opinion, the classiest shopping center we’ve got!

  5. I hate having to go to Bowie Town Center for the closest Macy’s, etc. Sh__ that reminds me I have to go there again to get my watch fixed. That’s the problem. I moved from DC (mt. pleasant) to Upper Marlboro, and I really wasn’t thinking about it b/c I was just trying to get out of a studio and buy something.Lord, bring us a Nordstrom Rack, a Nine West, Something besides Honeycomb Hideout or whatever that store is for ladies!!!

  6. The problem with PG and is that middle & upper class folks don’t demand that things get done- We prefer to go to Pentagon city or White flint instead of demanding things get done the right way where we live. Also many parents are not responsible for their children, so they grow up to be ghetto- and behave like that as well. We need to walk with our money and demand better things .

  7. I sent this to the Chief of Police today:
    To Whom It May Concern,

    Last night my children and me (ages 9 and 12) went to the Borders at Capital Center Blvd. This is a great Borders, but my gut feeling told me not to visit the boulevard at night. Sure enough, coming out of Borders at 9:45 there was a massive riot! I am not exaggerating. There were approximately 50-60 teenagers in the back parking lot (behind Borders) fighting or something. People were screaming and running away from the riot an actual stampede. My family ran to our car and sped away from Borders.

    I will NOT be back there ever! I don’t care what they offer at the boulevard. There are too many groups/packs of teenagers walking together and being a nuisance. I’m sure someone called the police because cars with flashing lights was going towards the boulevard on rte. 202.

    I hope this email gets to the right person in charge. I am also sending this to the property owners.

  8. I’d agree that the boulevard is a ghetto venue and I’d have to say that I’m not sure where they come from or how they were raised. I’m not a native of this area but have been very dissapointed of the venues in PG county as well as some of the apartments in the area. I lived in one apartment in Suitland and there was a shooting almost every other weekend. I wrote letters to Jack Johnson as well as management, no one seems to care or take any action. Fortunately, I’ve purchased a townhouse far away from the reminents of the ghetto of PG county. The residents near the Boulvevard should definitely organize a petition for change before the situation gets worst. Perhaps they’re too concerned with going behind the gates of Woodmore and the like. There’s definitely enough voices to make change happen, we as a people tend to discuss things but don’t take any action.

    That has to change before anything else changes. We have to stop welcoming any and everything in our neighborhoods. Our neighborhood is beyond the sanctuary of our homes.

  9. To the comment “I’d agree that the boulevard is a ghetto venue,” what is a “ghetto venue”?

    You fail to realize that Prince George’s County is STILL a middle-class, upper-middle class county. Definitely not a “ghetto”!

    If there were projects and thousands on people living on top of one another, it would be a “ghetto” but that is far from the truth. True there are some issues with the county mainly stemming from less than desirable people moving in but I would not hardly call Prince George’s County a “ghetto”.

    I’m so tired of people using the word “ghetto” who do not know the meaning of the word or where it originated. Let’s try a better word.

  10. It is what it is, just because you’re ‘middle-class’ doesn’t mean you can’t be ghetto (ignorant, trifling, disrespectful, etc.)

  11. I am a transplant to the DC metro area. I first learned of the great PG County as a freshmen at Morehouse College back in 1987. Growing up in Durham, NC, I was accustomed to strong communities with affluent Black professionals. I was amazed to learn that the largest collection of Black wealth was right outside DC.

    When I moved here in 1996, I lived in Lake Arbor with my family while looking for a permanent home. I was so shocked that Black people with money had to travel so far to spend it-unless you count the pitiful Landover Mall. Surely, the powers that be had to consider that they wanted to get some of that Black wealth in their pockets.

    I had such dreams for life in this great affluent Black community with its Black government. When the Blvd @ Cap Centre finally came, I was like hallelujah!!! That was until I went there and saw the collection of shops. As a professional there is only the Men’s Wearhouse for me to choose from. Meanwhile, I can get sneakers of any make or color. I guess we don’t have real jobs in PG.

    After 10 years of living in PG I finally gave up my dream and moved to Montgomery County. All I can say is that I really hope the National Harbor is able to bring the same kind of stores that our lighter counterparts enjoy in Montgomery, Howard, Arlington and Fairfax Counties.

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  15. Now see, bringing a boom baox in a store is one thing but playing it is just plain rude. That made no sense and it was very disrespectful, and a stupid thing to do, but I go to the BLVD at Capital Centre almost every single weekend (yes, I am not exaggerating) and I ave never had a problem like that one. At the movie theater, the movie really not that bad at all. Noone has every done anything stupid or rude to me or anybody else in the thearter that I kno about or saw, I’m not saying it has never happened. Lastly, there are stores at the BLVD at Capital Cenntre that sell formal clothing…such as….. Honeycomd Hideout and Loft.

  16. I wrote this blog almost 2 years ago. I go to the BLVD when I don’t feel like driving too far. I just can’t do the weekends at the BLVD, I really tried…lol

  17. I will take issue with the comment that nobody tried to get upscale stores in the county. The county government as well as its constituents have been trying to bring more upscale stores (Nordstrom, Lord & Taylor, etc) into the county since Wayne Curry was County Executive.
    In regards to the Blvd, I’ve heard a horror story or two, but nothing that has kept me from frequenting establishments in our own county. I seldom go to Annapolis, Montgomery County or Virginia to shop.
    I agree that our youngsters need to be better behaved, but unfortunately, what’s taught (or not taught) at home translates to behavior outside the home. That’s what we’re seeing.
    As for the theater, I can’t argue with the comments you’ve made. I’ve only gone to there 5 times or so, but I’ve never had a problem.

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