Black Man Supports Girls Plight to Wear Conferderate Flag clothes

umm I am speechless.  I'm lying I am pissed off.  what in the hell is H.K. Edgerton thinking?  Edgerton is marching along side of a white student who was not permitted to wear confederate flag clothing to school.  According to The State of blogsite, Edgerton says he admires the girl for standing for her "southland"  He has to be kidding right?

 Edgerton use to be the local NAACP president, which really doesn't mean too much these days (sorry NAACP folk, I still love you though….lol) but it appears that he missed the proclamation and amendmend signing which freed the slaves.  We don't have to nod and agree with everything the slave owners say anymore.  We are free now.  Didn't you get the memo????  Just push us back 450 years why don't you……..

Delusion is an understatement.  Does he not understand history?  Does he not understand that some black who fought for the south thought they were inferior, they bought into the slave master's propaganda.  You resit hitting him on contact?  I would beat him upside the head with a history book…..


3 Responses

  1. Edgerton has a right to express his belief/support,even if it goes against logic,history and good taste.Both he and the young lady need a reality check;if this “his-story” is so important to be revered and venerated under the guise of heritage appreciation, it deserves to hear the other side of that story,giving equal billing. How proud can one be of a past,of relatives who supported the enslavement, degrading and mistreatment of an entire race;the separation of families and murder of inocent men,women and children. And don’t leave out misogeny,ethnic cleansing, and theft of property,liberty education and basic human rights.

    “The poor ye have always with thee”; our duty is to speak power to the truth, be a living witness to exposing the deception, removing the veil of ignorance from the eyes of the unimformed.

  2. The Civil War was about more than slavery. Blacks were sold into slavery by their own people long before the Europeans began to settle in America. You don’t need to be pushed back 450 years. You’ve hardly advanced as a race in 450 years. Besides, the “Stars and Bars” waved around 150 years ago.

  3. You failed to include what more the Civil War was about Possum Slim. Your right, the Civil War was about more then slavery, it was about the economy of the south that depended on the free labor it made off of the blood sweat and tears of my ancestors.

    This country thrived off of enslaving a group of people based on the color of their skin, and yet we still survived and are hear stronger then ever. Your ancestors went to Africa and saw the wealth and knowledge of a people and became jealous. You stole knowledge and tried ot pass it off as your own. Euorpeans burned and destoryed libraries which held a wealth of knowledge in phliosphy and science. So we were actually ahead of the times not behind like you indicated.

    It is true that Africans owned slaves, but they did not inflict the amount of violence and pain that white america inflicted on black slaves. So I ask you Possum Slim, what else was the civil war about? If you are man enough to respond, I look foward to it. From your response to my orginal blog post, it shouldn't be hard to respond to your ignorant comments. Actually I think I will use your responses as examples during debates to show the ignorance of some members of main stream society.

    P.S. you may want to rethink using your work email for these types of comments.  I am sure your comapny would not appreciate that……

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