Aiming to Raise Graduation Rates, However They’re Computed

This Washington Post article proves to be very troubling.  ‘Aiming to Raise Graduation Rates, However They’re Computed,’ addresses the issue of how many students enter Prince George’s County Public schools in the 9th grade, compared to how many graduate.  The numbers are not good. 

The writer of this article does take into consideration that there are many factors that play into the decrease of 12th graders.  For example, some students who started out at one school may transfer to another, others may move or transfer to private schools.  And even though these other variables exist, we can not deny that students being held back and dropping out of school are the main reasons why these numbers are low. 

The importance of education must be made a priority in Prince George’s County.  I know a lot of people don’t want to hear this, but I blame the parents.  Our children do not value education because their parents did not take the time to instill the values necessary for their children to appreciate learning.


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