Downturn in Violent Crime Reported for Half Year

Crime better be down in Prince George’s County.  It was a record high last year.  Of course when you compare this year’s stats to that of last year, your going to get a lower number.  But the crime rate is still too high.  For Chief High to come out and report this at a time when D.C. has had a rough month is questionable.  Our county is still not where it needs to be.  We need new leadership, that’s why I am voting for Rushern Baker for County Executive.  We need a change in Prince George’s County.  We need someone who is going to attack the crime problem in this county and maybe ruffle some feathers.  No one in the current administration wants to take the forefront in addressing what the real problem is in Prince George’s County; lack of proper parenting.

Downturn in Violent Crime Reported for Half Year

By Sudarsan Raghavan

Prince George’s County has experienced a marked decline in violent crime, including killings, robberies and carjackings, during the first half of this year, police officials said yesterday.


One Response

  1. I echo your comments on Rushern Baker. To think what Prince George’s County is capable of being, and what has been squandered to this point should compel all voters in the County to cast their ballot for Rushern Baker.

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