What Made Two Murders Distinct

Here is an interesting read.  But it appears to me that most people automatically assume the suspect will be a certain ethnicity.  Even before reading story.  I respect and enjoy reading the Post, and I understand the editor weighs certain factors to determine which stories make the front page including location distribution, but we need to be honest and admit that the Georgetown murder made it to the front page of the Post because of its location.  It is an affluent section of the City.  And crimes committed there are not high, so it was hot news.  In the meantime the other murder happened in an area of the city where crime is usual and expected.  

What Made Two Murders Distinct

By Deborah Howell

Crime and race dominated local news last week, especially in the District, after a spate of murders prompted Police Chief Charles H. Ramsey to declare a “crime emergency.” Two horrific murders riveted readers’ attention and brought questions about why The Post did not give the murders equal display…


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