NAACP Calls For Selective Spending to Prod Stores

The NAACP has really lost focus in the past 10 years.  They actually want people to boycott Target because the company did not respond to a survey.  Was there any reason to give them the survey?  Did black Target employees complain to the NAACP?  Instead of giving a survey, why didn’t they just meet with the Target to find out about their employee programs and minority involvement?  That would have been the logical thing to do. 

There are so many other things the NAACP should be worried about. They need to address the lack of parental guidance in the home, the ever widening gap between black women and males attending college.  And the most important issue today is the crisis in New Orleans.  The 9th ward is still in total chaos.  The 9th Ward still has no power, running water and is completely unlivable.  It is one of the last places left in Louisiana that is not even 10% functional.  As the media and the rest of the world has moved on to other issues.  Poor and lower income black people are still displaced and the local and federal government is sending a clear message that they do not plan to have those people return.  The state of Louisiana and the New Orleans government created emergency contingency plans to revamp the business district and the French Quarter for tourist, but have no plans for the poor and disadvantaged in the lower 9th ward.  People who live in the lower 9th Ward are just getting mail service (Lower 9th finally gets mail delivery-USATODAY).  While tourists are partying enjoying Mardi Gras, lower 9th ward evacuees are still do not have the basic necessities to live.  The FEMA trailers set up for residents, have to be inspected before they can even hook up electric and water.  People are still waiting for these inspections to be completed.   There are so many issues that the NAACP should be addressing instead of worrying about Target not submitting a survey, or the President coming to speak at the convention.

NAACP Calls For Selective Spending to Prod Stores

Even companies that make an effort to work with minority-owned businesses typically spend barely 5 percent of their contracting dollars with them, the NAACP president said yesterday. 


2 Responses

  1. That is a bully tactic. I will continue to shop at Sears, Target, Dillards and Kohl’s etc… As Native Son stated, there more pressing issues (e.g. black men killing each other, the alarming number of dropouts from school, break down in family values, business ownership, etc…) going on in the black community that the NAACP could take on. I am embarrass for the NAACP. We wonder why our kids today act the way they do. They are getting it from these spoiled adults who cry foul when they do not get their way.

  2. one of my co-workerd told me about this. i will still shop at target and dillards. i agree the naacp need to focus on other things.

    isn’t wal-mart still evil? but they’re ok because they filled out the survey.

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