President Bush Plans to Address the NAACP for the First time

I have not been a big fan of the NAACP for the past 10 years.  they have made to many bad decisions.  Now since the organization is under new leadership (Bruce Gordon), I believe they can regain my trust and that of many other Black Americans. 

President Bush’s decision to attend this years meeting comes at no surprise.  His advisers are very clever.  The NAACP has been very vocal and critical about the president, especially Julian Bond.  I feel that his advisers instructed him not to accept previous invites for that reason.  Almost like they were trying to “teach” the NAACP a lesson. 

Now since Bruce Gordon is in charge, and he is fostering a fresh new outlook for the organization and attempting to mend fences.  It is also the President’s last term and what else does he have to loose.  And what perfect timing it is.  Right when congress is delaying voting on the provisions of the Voting Right’s Bill, the President decides to make his first appearance ever at a NAACP conference.  What a perfect PR move.  Not mention a great photo op.  He will probably assure the organization that he will work to convince the Senate to get the bill passed so he can sign it, and promise that he has always been in support of the advancement of people of color in this country.  and his intentions may be sincere, but we can’t deny the fact that he is benefiting from this on both ends of the fence.  All I can say is his advisers are good… real good… 

President to Address NAACP Tomorrow

By Darryl Fears

After six years in office, President Bush has agreed to address the NAACP at its annual national convention in Washington, the White House announced yesterday.

Bush to address NAACP after five-year hiatus

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – After a five-year absence, PresidentGeorge W. Bush will appear before the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, the nation’s oldest civil rights organization, the White House announced on Tuesday.


2 Responses

  1. Now that President Bush has agreed to address the NAACP, each side should consider a few ground rules that will surely enhance the experience and hopefully set a tone for on-going constructive dialog. The following are the top ten things that the NAACP and President Bush should be sure to do, or not do, when they meet:

    1. NAACP members should not boo or heckle the president– he is not there to perform for them, nor they for him. Presidential decorum should be observed.

    2. The president should not ‘break the ice’ in his usual way by saying something incredibly inane, obtuse, or amusing only to himself.

    3. NAACP members should realize that unlike just about every other sitting president, George Bush has proven that he believes in the potential of Black people, albeit the ones most likely to have experienced gang-wedgies in grade school, except for General Powell.

    4. The president should not apologize for his prior convention absences. If the benefits did not outweigh the risks in his mind, staying away was his prerogative.

    5. NAACP members should ignore partisanship. Recall that 9 of 10 voted for Al Gore, inventor of the ‘Willie Horton’ scare-the-crap-out-White-folks race card, and the ‘real’ guy who put George Bush, the senior, into office.

    6. The president should not act like a tough guy. Black people cannot resist the challenge of humbling a pompous-ass, even when it means they will suffer a much greater penalty in the end.

    7. NAACP members should remember that the organization has a ‘relevance problem’, and getting the president to show up is significant to gaining attention that has meaning.

    8. The president should remember that he has nothing, and everything, to apologize for, just like every other sitting president. He need not get ‘fancy’ with his words or his record.

    9. NAACP members should accept that the President’s No Child Left Behind (NCLB) program, while only a tourniquet, has brought more attention and money to the plight of Black students than anyone would have ever believed.

    10. The president should remember that Black people are in a state of bravado-camouflaged confusion about why the group is educationally and economically stalled. Inasmuch, they need leadership that is tough, caring, and effective – a challenge he needs to take very seriously.

    James C. Collier

  2. Could not have said it any better myself Dr. collier.

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