Fear’s Neighbors

I get really frustrated at the crime situation in the D.C. area.  But we need to stop generalizing.  Not all black people are criminals and not all white people are racist.  I do think that the D.C. police and the media gave more attention to the Georgetown case because it was an affluent area which consists mostly of white people.  Look at the numbers of people who have been murdered in S.E. in comparison to those in District 2.  It is mind-blowing.  And now after someone was murdered in Georgetown, the Mayor wants to call for a Crime emergency?  Why wasn’t a crime emergency called when the first 5 people were murdered?   

The Mayor along with the police and citizens, those like me who are educated professionals need to step in to save our youth.  The police department needs to ensure that people who cooperate with the police are safe.  That means tougher and stricter laws for people who have been charged with crimes and for people who in these crews/gangs.  I don’t know if the police can work with the FBI, but neighborhoods can be saved if all people put forth an honest effort.  That means creating more housing that all people can afford no matter of income levels.  It breaks me down each and every time I hear about anyone dying, but especially the number of young black men.  I do my part, but I can’t save everyone, and that is what really tears me up inside.  If you have solutions or suggestion regardless of your white, black, brown or red, please leave comments.  

Fear’s Neighbors

By DeNeen L. Brown

What is the geography of Fear, that expansive territory into which some people sink and never quite make it out?


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