Council Approves Earlier Curfew

Even though I do not agree with the camera surveillance, I am in total support of the curfew.  It pisses me off when I am riding through D.C. and see children that look as young as 7 walking and hanging around on the streets of D.C.  There is a new breed of parent.  There are some parents who are totally disconnected from their children.  They don’t know how to responsibly raise their children.  I believe that this curfew should have all ready been on the books.  Children under 18 have no business being outside after 10PM.  The temporary policy makes adjustments for those that work, or who are attending church functions.  So the ACLU and this youth group need to get over it. 

I can not believe that in the District that the standard juvenile curfew policy was to pick the youth up and place them in a holding room until 6AM.  And during this time the parents are called and they don’t pick them up by 6AM they are turned over to child family services.  Why isn’t the city pursing these parents; hitting them with fines and even possible jail time?  It is not Chief Ramsey or the police departments fault, it is the Mayor and D.C. Council’s fault for not establishing and implementing effective policy.  This problem with juvenile crime in the District is not new.  The Mayor and the Council knew that Chief Ramsey was not able to obtain information about this youth who are arrested over and over again.  That is crazy that before this emergency policy was created, the Police Chief did not have access to juvenile court files! 

All of the parents and youth groups who are complaining about the curfew need to pipe down.  You are a child; you don’t get the right to make these types of decisions until you are 18. I am 30 y/o and my parents raised me old school.  As long as I lived under my parent’s roof, I did as they say.  I was not allowed to hang out during the week because that was the time to study.  My parents checked my notebook everyday to see what I was and was not doing right in school.  In other words, my parents sacrificed and understood the importance of parenthood. 

So the problem is not juvenile crime. That is the end result of a problem that is not being addressed; Parents are not present for the upbringing of their children.  There are many reasons for this.  Some are single parents, some are working multiple jobs which require them to work throughout the night and some are on drugs and as a result, grandparents are forced to raise their grandchildren.  Whatever the reason, lawmakers need to sanction parents.  Fines should be imposed and an end result should be jail time.  But policymakers are not willing to hold parents partly responsible for fear of not being reelected.

Council Approves Earlier Curfew

By Nikita Stewart and Allison Klein

Seeking to combat a surge in violent crime, the D.C. Council approved an emergency bill that would impose a 10 p.m. curfew on youths younger than 18 years old, give police immediate access to some confidential juvenile records and install surveillance cameras in residential neighborhoods for the…


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