Corruption Issue Comes to Fore

Corruption in Congress and among politicians is out of control now.  Most of them are rational choice theorist. They only care about themselves and what is going to get them reelected.

Corruption Issue Comes to Fore

By Jim VandeHei

While political corruption has failed so far to take root as a national issue, the defeat of scandal-stained Ralph Reed in Georgia on Tuesday showed that federal investigators could tip some key House and Senate races this fall, according to party strategists.


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  1. I tell my friends all the time that I believe Congress changes people. I can’t believe that everyone that makes it to The Hill is corrupt when they get elected. I really think that SOME of them come to DC, starry eyed and naive, thinking that they’re going to bring more jobs to their states, they’re going to get more Government contract opportunities for their states, they’re going to really help the people that got them into office. But, I believe that when these folks really get here to DC and start shaking hands and fake grinning at their peers, something inside many of them changes. Suddenly they take on this “I must survive and keep my office as long as I can! I must do favors for the right people in order to hold on to the amazing power I have.” Thus enters the realm of corruption. I think the longer these congressmen stay in office, the more they lose touch with the people that voted them in there. Many of them develop a dangerous, self-centered and highly corruptable “Beltway mentality.”

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