Is Michael E. Dyson Right? Or Has the Whole World Lost Their Minds

I am all for everyone expressing their opinions but listening to Dyson talk about Cosby is the most annoying thing. I am particularly speaking of his book about Bill Cosby.  We all have different ways of trying to contribute to this society and Bill Cosby has chosen to focus on blacks getting education and holding some of us accountable for our actions.  Of course, Dr. Cosby knows that institutional racism still exist,  and that black people were and are still begin affected with its aftermath, but since we know what the obstacle is, we must combat it.  He is not beating up on all poor people, he is getting on any black person who has lost their sense of purpose, poor or rich. 

Bill Cosby has been going around the country, giving back to communities, helping women on welfare learn the tools and skills necessary to better their lives.  He also gives scholarships and donates millions to Historically Black Colleges and Universities.  But for some reason Dr. Dyson can’t seem to get off of Bill Cosby’s back.  Dr. Cosby has not been the first person to call for Black Americans to step up and hold themselves accountable. So why is Dr. Dyson so desperate to bash Dr. Cosby every chance he gets?  Even to the point that he wrote a book about Cosby, which serves no purpose what so ever. 

Dr. Cosby, if he wanted, could be relaxing on the beach enjoying his success, but he has chosen to hit the road to speak to the people with the hopes of spreading thought and getting people motivated no matter their situation.  He doesn’t only talk about the poor and lower class; he challenges those like me who are educated black professionals to give back to those who are less important.  That’s the whole point of his messages.  Are they harsh? Hell yeah they are, but sometimes you have to get a little aggressive when there is a crisis.  We are in a crisis.  And Dr. Dyson may not agree with Dr. Cosby’s approach, but at least he is putting his mouth, time, and his money on the line for the advancement of his people.  Instead of writing a book about Bill Cosby and his personal life, Dr. Dyson needs to continue to focus on his contributions to the social and economic development of black people and just agree to disagree with Cosby  

 The Injustice Bill Cosby Won’t See

By Michael E. Dyson

Ever since he battered poor blacks two years ago in his infamous remarks on the 50th anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education, Bill Cosby has been taking to the road to spread his bitter gospel to all who will listen. In rigged town-hall meetings, Cosby assembles community folk and experts who…


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  1. “Dr. Dyson may not agree with Dr. Cosby’s approach, but at least he is putting his mouth, time, and his money on the line for the advancement of his people”

    WOW!!! And what do you think Michael Eric Dyson is doing? Maybe his rebuttal to Cosby’s diatribe is his his way of trying to advance his people. There needs to be a balance in this debate, and Mr. Cosby doesn’t provide one. He points the finger in one direction, and fails to look at all of the other social factors that contribute to the ills that plague the black community.

    You sound as if you are someone that has not read one of Mr. Dyson’s “mediocre” books. I have, and IMO I think he states his opinions eloquently and provides accurate factual information to back it up. That’s more than I can say for COS. If you think getting behind a mic and ranting is the key to advancement, then LORD help us all.

  2. Cosby has done more then just stood behind a mic. He gives back. And I know Dr. Dyson contributes as well, but there is more then one way to attack a problem. they both want whats best for black people but I am just getting tired of Dyson coming down on Cosby like he is the scum of the earth. We need to be working together not righting books about each other. That’s All I am saying.

  3. the question of institutional racism and socio-economic pressures keeping non white people down is obvious to all those but die hards. i have never met someone that didnt see this.
    but what is an individual to do with that?

    It seems to me that the situation boils down to the fact that white people are very reluctant to give up power and mass machine of racism is very slow to change. despite the vast vast distances we’ve grown, the thought that this must be healed before non whites take contol over their destiny seems disrespectful to our youths,and to the future of our country. What you do have control over is being the best person that you know how to be, right here, right now.

    With Cosby’s approach, correct, incorrect, or partially correct, it at least places the emphasis on what you can do for yourself. it looks to the future, not to find blame in the past.
    This is why cosby’s criticism is constructive.

    Society only changes as we as individuals change.


  5. TheTurth:

    okay, great to know

  6. Cosby is not ignoring racism, as it is nearly impossible to do, he is simply acknowledging that the only way to abolish racism is by PROVING equality. Racism, guilt, supremacy and any other pathology the white community has that hinders the black community’s opportunity will only dispel once there is no sign of past or present inequality, which is why trying to fight “social injustice” is a lost cause. fighting racism by claiming it still exists and fighting for affirmative action hinders any progress for equality because it continues to remind whites that inequality does exist and it reinforces ideas that blacks arent truly equal. Constantly demanding aid and repentance for institutional racism only tells the white community that the black community cant do it on their own, which tells them that they are in fact inferior, reinforcing racist ideals. Only when the black community accepts full responsibility for achieving equality will it become a possibility

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