Police Inspector Who Made Racial Remark Back at Job

Regardless of the comments he made, (which I do feel were not racist but a prejudgment based on his ignorance) he has past professional behavior which is questionable.  The media should have reported this story when the incident first broke.  It would have further decreased his credibility.  And I do feel that with his past indiscretions, that he should have at least been suspended without pay.  I mean this makes no sense that one of his prior indiscretions led to a law suit for the city.  And you mean to tell me that the board still did not suspend this guy?  What message is that sending to the community, those police officers can make bad decisions based on emotion without being severely punished.

Police Inspector Who Made Racial Remark Back at Job

By Allison Klein

D.C. Police Chief Charles H. Ramsey has reinstated the commander who made a racially insensitive remark at a community meeting in Georgetown.


One Response

  1. MPD is pretty disfunctional. What surprises me most is that the 2D Commander could be so insenstive to the PR implications of his statements. You would think that he wouldn’t be dumb enough to think he could get away with a statement about there not being many Blacks in G-town. Afterall, the context of his statement was that if one saw a Black person in G-town, it constituted suspicious activity.

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