What a Curfew Can’t Accomplish

Thank You Thank You Courtland Milloy!!!  We can have all of the curfews in the world, but if you don’t have parents raising and disciplining their children, we will continue to have problems with our youth. I was raised “old school.”  If my sister and I got out of line, we got whipped.  My parent’s motto was: “Where you show out, is you get whipped out” And they will tell you that there were only a few times when my parents had to correct us in pubic, because we knew better.  Our parents let their presence be known.  There was no such thing as talking back to mom or dad. 

I am a 30 year old man and even today I address my parents as Ma’am and Sir.  My parents, who are 55 and 54 respectively, still address my grandmother as Ma’am.  It is about respect for your elders.  The youth in the D.C. don’t have respect for adults or authority because their parents/guardians are not acting or behaving as responsible parents!!!! 

What a Curfew Can’t Accomplish

By Courtland Milloy

When I was growing up in Shreveport, La., juvenile curfews were established by what appeared to us kids as a kind of partnership between our parents and a public utility called Southwestern Electric Power Co. Here’s how it worked: On school days, just before the sun went down, a switch would be…


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