Oprah Has A Bias For Black Men?

I am so tired of people harping on Oprah.  This women donates money to HBCU’s, was on the ground when New Orleans was in crisis; and built a whole community.  She went to Africa and built a school for an entire village and paid the salary for the teachers for a whole year. 

I could care less about Ice Cube and Ludacris.  This woman has done more for black people then any of them will.  She is not the savior for all black people.  She can have whoever she wants to on her show.  Black people still have shit to say about her.  But we can sit back and support people like R. Kelly, who sleeps with under aged girls, and other hip hop artist like Lil’ Kim who serve no type of meaningful positive social purpose in the advancement of people of color besides entertainment. 

Oprah has never denied where she came from, she has never denied her blackness, and as long as she continues to stress the importance of education I could care less if she didn’t have Ice Cub on her show, who by the way use to be apart of a rap group called “Niggaz with Attitude” and was pretending like he was hard, when he really came from a middle class neighborhood and even went to college for a brief moment.  Before we were rappers singers and athletes, we were activist, educators and philosophers and music is only but a small part of our culture.  We are so much bigger then a music genre.

Oprah Has A Bias For Black Men?

By Dr. Boyce Watkins – June 2, 2006

Syracuse, NY – Dr. Boyce Watkins, author of What if George Bush were a Black Man? and recent guest on The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch agrees with the rapper Ice Cube that Oprah Winfrey often discriminates against certain genres when it comes to having black men on her show. “Her show is catered to an audience that doesn’t have much respect for black men, especially rappers like Ice Cube,” says Watkins, who openly critiques Winfrey, Bob Johnson and Bill Cosby in his book.


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