1st Early-Curfew Violators Picked Up

This is good. And for the youth who were picked up for theft, his mother needs to be fined. If she is having problems with him, she needs to get him a mentor perhaps the Big Brother Big Sister Program, or some social organization that would link him to a positive male figure. I am tired of excuses. The curfew may not decrease crime, but it is holding some of these parents responsible for the lack of supervising their kids. 13 y/o children should even be out at 9PM!!!!! Start fining these damn parents and if their kids keep getting caught past the curfew, make the parents take mandatory parenting classes. The problem is not the kids; that is end result of the problem. The problem is the lack of responsible parenting!!!

1st Early-Curfew Violators Picked Up

By Petula Dvorak and Megan Greenwell

The District’s earlier youth curfew took effect on the city’s sweltering streets last night in a dramatic way. A 14-year-old who was out after 10, in violation of the curfew, was picked up on a different charge: theft.


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