Jealousy Spurred Gasoline Attack, Police Say

This has got to stop. We are covering people who do not know how to handle conflict so they lash out in violent acts. I may be prejudging but I am suspecting that his family members knew about his disruptive violent behavior. You can’t tell me that the family members did not know that he was unstable. So many times we cover for our loved ones and pass off their behavior. He is 39 years old and I guarantee that this is not the first violent act he has committed against women. And ladies please listen. Any man who puts his hands on you is not worth your time or love. Leave these men alone. You can’t put out restraining orders on people and then lift them because they come back to you on hands and knees asking for forgiveness. Move on, seek support from family and friends, and i that doesn’t work, seek professional help, to assist you with coping with a break up with an abusive person.


Jealousy Spurred Gasoline Attack, Police Say

By Ruben Castaneda

A Prince George’s man charged with setting his girlfriend on fire last weekend attacked her after he accused her of cheating on him, according to police charging documents released yesterday.


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