Minimum Wage Hike Passed By House

The Elitist are at it again.  After many years or the Democrats trying to increase the minimum wage, House republicans have agreed, but there is a catch; they want to reduce the estate tax.  In other words, the agents (congressional members) of the Elitist (the wealthy 1% of this country) feel that they deserve to pass on a bigger part of their wealth without getting taxed.  In other words, Little Muffin stands to inherent 15 million instead of 10 million.  She desperately needs that extra 5 million to survive.  Of course the republicans will deny this by saying that proposed decrease in the estate tax is for people with smaller amounts of money to leave behind for their loved ones, but I know that this tax is for the wealthy.  Who do they think they are fooling?  But we need an increase in the minimum wage, and the republicans know that the Democrats desperately wants the increase in the minimum wage..

Minimum Wage Hike Passed By House

By Jonathan Weisman

The House last night voted to boost the minimum wage for the first time in nearly a decade while also permanently slashing the estate tax, a coupling that GOP leaders calculated might garner enough Senate support to become law.


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  1. Well, it is about time they raised it. It sucks for all the people making around $10 an hour though

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