Condi Rice

I was listening to the Al Sharpton Show he threw out a question about Condi Rice.  He asked should black people be proud of Condi Rice?

I thought this question was interesting because I have heard many different opinions about Rice from the black community.  Here are a few that I heard:

  • She does not believe in affirmative action therefore she doesn’t care about black people.
  • We can’t consider her black because she is a part of the Bush Administration and she is a republican
  • She did not do enough to persuade Bush to send Federal help to New Orleans during Katrina therefore she is not to respected and can’t be black. 
  • She does not fully appreciate the struggles of our people from the Civil Right’s Movement;and since she thinks that she is in the position she is in based solely off of her credentials, then we can’t consider her black.

 I will say as a Democrat, I am not happy with the policy decisions of her party.  Republicans have missed the mark on policy, because it is geared more toward the elite in this country.  As far as foreign policy is concerned, I am not happy with her lack of involvement with the genocide situation in Sudan.  And the invasion of Iraq was a huge mistake and her and her party must take accountability for taking us down this never ending and disruptive road.

The Israel issue was totally mishandled.  The government waited too long to intervene, they should have attempted to persuade Israel not to attack.

As an African American, I respect her academic and professional accomplishments.  She is a black women to become Secretary of State of the United States.  She was raised in the segregated south; at a time where black people were not supposed to make it.  so yes I respect her accomplishments as a person of color, but I do not agree with her stance on domestic or foreign policy especially if the decision to invade Iraq was based off of misguided, made up faulty intelligence.  It has nothing to do with her skin color.  I feel that some of us don’t know when to separate race from certain issues since we are hurt.  We are frustrated because we feel as if we are not being heard.  But we must learn that our ancestors fought for us to be free and the right for us to participate in the political process regardless of party lines.  And trust me I am apeaking to you as a Democrat 


2 Responses

  1. I want to take a step into another direction related to Condi and the black race. Condi has gone further than any black women in the history of the Untied States of America, and this was done under the flag of the GOP. The Democrats claim to be the party for the black race, and yet we have no high-end administration officials that have ever served when there has been a Democrat in high office. We are just conditioned over years of propaganda to believe that we are better off when a Bill Clinton or Carter is in office. I have reviewed the last 70 or so years of political history relating to the Blackman, and there is little to nothing that shows this claim. The reality is that Democrats only appear when they need that black vote, and after we vote for them they go back to their destructive liberal undermining of this country. We as a race has fallen behind every other race in America in most categories and for the last 30 plus years we have voted for Democrats in droves, so do we continue to vote for Dems? Maybe one day they will come down and bless there black servant for all those years of faithful service at the voting booths.
    I say we should take a stand and let those Democrats and Republicans know that we are not a one party race and our vote is not a given to the Democrats. This will cause the Gop and the Dems to fight for the black man’s vote giving us more power to influence the United States political process.

  2. While I am not a fan of many of Condoleezza Rice’s biddings as Secretary of State, I applaud her accomplishments nonetheless, something many African-Americans have too hard a time doing.

    Much of the satire out of the Black community pokes mean-spirited fun at her for ‘acting White’, whether it is her hairstyle, clothes, speech, musical taste, as featured in the Post, or Republican views.

    What Black people are failing to capitalize on is her example of how far education, hard work, and perseverance can take a person-of-color these days.

    Partisanship should not deny Black kids the showcase of the path to her position as Secretary of State, and advisor to the President.

    As a Black woman, she has clearly overcome many obstacles in her life. Unlike Justice Thomas, there seems to be no ‘race card’ in her repertoire. Black people should show Ms. Rice, and the potential she demonstrates, more respect.

    James C. Collier

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