A Shared Journey Takes Separate Paths

This is an interesting story.  I am not making excuses for the young man who went astray, but parents really need to know just how much damage can be done when there is a divorce.  I understand that sometimes it is for the better, but you must make sure that you be there emotionally for your children, it is obvious that this young man took his parents split.  And if I read the article correctly, once the father left, he checked out emotionally and financially.  If you learn anything from this article, take away from it that having positive male figures in a young boy’s life is critical. 

We as men need to stop checking out of our children’s lives just because our personal relationships with women don’t work out.  This young man started making horrible decisions because he was not emotionally prepared for his parent’s split.  And they didn’t think to give to get counseling when all this was going on? Like I said earlier, I am by no means making excuses for this young man, but it does reveal what happens when parents check out of their children’s life; particularly fathers.  We have to step up, mentor kids who don’t have fathers.  I am tired of reading these stories!!!  

A Shared Journey Takes Separate Paths

By Daniel de Vise

Carlos Abney and Errol Silva were best friends. They grew up together on the same cul-de-sac in Annapolis, trading sleepovers, playing tag football and taking turns riding the red-and-black Yamaha motorbike Abney got for Christmas one year. A few blocks away, their grandmothers lived a door apart in…


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