Future of Orthodox Jewish Vote Has Implications for GOP

Let me get this straight.  The GOP is hoping that they can gain more Jewish voters because of Israel’s strike in Lebanon?  What did the U.S. do?  It is no secret that the United States and Israel are close friends and allies.  But the conflict in the middle between Muslims and Jews has been ongoing for too long.  Each thinks that it is their God given right to occupy land.  And as a result, many people have died.  How do you stop a spiritual war between groups of people?  Well you don’t take sides I do know that.  Foreign Policy and diplomacy in the United States is at an all time low.  Secretary Rice has failed horribly. This latest conflict will only fuel terrorist groups to hate us more. It will cause the world not to trust us.  It is all ready happening.  We pick and choose battles and without thinking of the implications and it will cost us dearly. 

Future of Orthodox Jewish Vote Has Implications for GOP

By Jim VandeHei

Republicans are hoping a strong defense of Israel translates into greater support among Jewish voters this fall, but the biggest political benefits are likely to come long after the 2006 campaign concludes, according to political and demographic experts studying Jewish voting trends.


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