Group Says Role Models, Not Curfews, Could Help Youth

I applaud this group for trying to get mentors to come into the District to help out.   This will address part of the crisis.  But something that people keep leaving out is the parents.  These kids came from someone; a man and a woman.  When do we hold them accountable?  When do say okay, if the parents are there for their children we have to make them understand they need to be there and teach them skills necessary to raise their own kids. 

That is the problem; Parents not being active in their children’s lives.  I hear the excuse that the kids in the District are bored, they have nothing to do, but that does not give them right to commit crimes.

When I was a kid, our parents made us read books in the summer time.  They didn’t wait for someone else to offer an alternative, they provided it themselves.  We need more parents stepping up and creating things for their kids to do.  If you can’t afford to put your kids in summer camp, give them assignments, book reports, make them go down to the mall and visit one of them many free museums and learn something!!!

Group Says Role Models, Not Curfews, Could Help Youth

By Megan Greenwell

Ronald L. Moten believes he has the answer to juvenile crime in the District, and it doesn’t involve a curfew.


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