Welfare Changes A Burden To States

This was an interesting article.  I feel for anyone who has to use public assistance, especially those who really need it and who don’t want to take advantage of the system.  But I do find it interesting how whenever main stream media talks about people who are working hard to get off of welfare or better themselves, it is never a person of color.  Most people will think that most people on welfare were black women, who like to do nothing except pop out babies.  I wonder how many other women of color are in this lady’s same situation but never get their stories told because of negative stereotypes of poor black women.

One thing this article does point out is that there needs to be more comprehensive common sense welfare reform.

Welfare Changes A Burden To States

By Amy Goldstein

Having grown up on welfare, Rochelle Riordan had vowed never to ask for a government handout. That was before her hard-drinking husband kicked her and their young daughter out of their house near Lewiston, Maine, leaving her with a $300 bank account, a bad job market and a 15-year-old car held…


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