Katrina Survivor Lauds Bush in What Democrats Call PR Stunt

The President of the United States showed up 12 days after Katrina hit!!  What the F@#$?? Gov. Blanco and President Bush decided to play politics; going back and forth on control issues while people were dying.  Other people including celebrities and political activist got New Orleans quicker then our President.

As I have said before, I am not big on conspiracy theories, but you can’t tell me that one day after Spike Lee’s documentary on Hurricane Katrina aired; That this guy Rocky Vaccarella drives up in a replica FEMA trailer (mind you even if the FEMA trailers were mobile, you have to deal with the fact that FEMA contracting a company that made the trailers using high levels of formaldehyde.) to thank President Bush and FEMA for helping gulf coast residents. He is thanking President Bush and FEMA for providing bootleg death trap trailers where children are getting sick and family pets are dying?   I guess while traveling in his mobile replica FEMA trailer he missed Spike Lee’s documentary.  I guess Rockey didn’t see that not only did the government have slow nonchalant response to Katrina, that the President’s own Mother, Barbara Bush said that since most of the evacuees were underprivileged anyways, that their current living conditions in shelters in Texas is working out well for them.  I can’t believe that heffa had the nerve to say that.  But mainstream America bashed Hip-Hop artist Kanye West for making his “Bush doesn’t like black people” statement, but Momma Bush can make ignorant statements like that and receive no repercussions?   It amazes me how mainstream people such as Ann Coulter, Pat Robertson and other right wing lunch boxes can say anything out of their mouths, but as soon as Democrats or black people make statements, they catch hell.  Rockey Vaccarella’s visit to the President was clearly a political stunt and it is the newest low in a series of lows for the republican party and this administration.

Katrina Survivor Lauds Bush in What Democrats Call PR Stunt

By Peter Baker

Four more years? Rockey Vaccarella thinks so. President Bush’s own staff, though, isn’t convinced.


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