Teen Held After Shot Is Fired Outside SE School

16 y/o?? I say the police should fine the parents hit them in the pocket make them take parenting classes, then allow other parents to stand in line and smack the hell out of them. This has to stop. It was only the second day of class. Parents step up to the plate and know what your children are doing. This is ridiculous. I never hear the police or the politicians hold parents accountable!!

Teen Held After Shot Is Fired Outside SE School

By Clarence Williams

A 16-year-old youth fired a shot yesterday in a parking lot of Anacostia Senior High School as students were being released after the second day of classes, D.C. police said.


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  1. Always tragic and devastating. If you’re gonna round up families, though – let’s not just follow that Eurocentric framework and round up the nuclear family. Round up the extended family and the community…the teachers and principal…the neighbors and vendors…the peer group and the gun dealer. Let’s get them all – because they are all of us. None of can escape the circle of responsibility unless we choose to see one another as something less than another expression of the same divine will. Feel me!?!?

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