Man Up: Nobody is Coming to Save Us: Steve Perry


Man Up! is a hard hitting, hip, introspective look into what the Black community must do to save itself. Finally, a voice speaks to the complex relationship between personal and community responsibility. Steve Perry effectively calls to task organizations such as the NAACP and the Black church as well as talking heads like Michael Eric Dyson and Cornell West for their role in the retardation of the Black community. Ultimately Man Up! is about the simple solutions offered in each chapter.


8 Responses

  1. Brother Steve Perry,

    I am ecstatic to learn of your book via listening to daily talk radio show, hosted by Mildred Gaddis (Detroit) on Radio One on Thursday 12/14. Your comments are on point and need to be touted in every institution of education, church, urban radio and any other medium of communication can reach the people who are most unreachable. The sad thing about good information that is carried by these unique mediums is, the people who need to hear it…usually aren’t present.

    Good success and Blessed Wishes on your continued endeavors to bring light to people who are blundering in darkness.

  2. I’ve had the opportunity to read Mr. Perry’s offering and I agree 120%. We’ve been jackin’ ourselves around long enough. We have to TRULY get ‘our’ act together as a ‘PEOPLE’, NOT as a culture of ‘pimped-out, sex-mongering, party-hording, hustle-grinding hip-hop fabricated video drones!! I honestly was MOVED to ‘do’ something other than sit back, observe and COMPLAIN about the mess that we’ve gotten OURSELVES into. The BEAUTY of any ‘self-inflicted pain’ is that ‘we’ possess the capacity and wherewithal to CEASE AND DESIST the madness – a MOVEMENT OF COLLECTIVE INTEREST needs to be galvanized by those who ‘see’ and ‘understand’ that the self-inflicted wounds can be remedied….from within. Big-time ‘UPS’ to my Brutha for swingin’ the axe of TRUTH…the cuts stinged at first, but as I bled the poison came out, too! Wake The Hell Up US People…it’s time to GO 2 WORK 2 GET OUR OWN HEALIN’…!!! I’m widdit (The Movement…)and am doin’ what I CAN in my little neck of the woods…WHAT ABOUT YOU? Peace To All & Seek Enlightenment (and you WILL find it).

  3. Mr. Perry,
    I just had the opportunity to hear an interview with you on the local college station and really enjoyed hearing your oppinions. I am a teacher in an urban, predominately black school and live in the same neighborhood. As a white woman I command little respect from the students or the parents in my school. I would love to see you speak in my school or in my community because, many of these children will not make it to college, out of this neighborhood, or even hear you on college radio, they are in TROUBLE. This is a source of frustration on a daily basis. I am a special education teacher and considering making a move to History to try and make a bigger impact. However, even if I taught regular education, I am not sure the students would understand your book or that i would be allowed to teach it.
    I am not sure what you do and I am sure you are busy but I would love some feedback on what i can do to fascilitate this movement in urban Atlanta. I will of course be purchasing your book……

    Thanks!! Wishing You the Best!!!!!!!

  4. Megan, I am not the author if this book. I just promoted it because I too heard him speak and was impressed

  5. I just heard Mr. Perry speak on Georgia State’s radio station today and was ELECTRIFIED! I was shouting out “amens” and “damn, rights” for the whole hour + show. Man, alive, this guy might just be my new hero! I haven’t been able to find a huge amount about him on the internet. Does he have a website? Is there a way to contact him? I’d appreciate any help you can provide. Steve Perry needs to be heard far and wide and I want to help in any way I can.

  6. I knew Steve when he was directing a TRIO program in Connecticut, and, I must say, Man Up moved me. However, I must say, there is someone who is coming back to save us, and his name is Jesus Christ. But he’s not going to just save the black race; he’s going to save the human race. I do, however, understand where Steve is coming from.

    Steve is on point in his critique of contemporary, black leaders. Rather than doing the real work of giving our black American children and their black American parents the guidance they need to be prosperous, they spend their time pursuing one photo opportunity after another. They make their fortunes off of constant bickering on CNN and the Fox News Channel with often misguided Whites. Don’t get me wrong, we need people who keep our concerns in the public eye, but we need to simultaneously get our house in order, create constructive programs that prepare black constituents for opportunities.

    Jeffery A. Faulkerson
    PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS Writing, Editing, Consulting
    Founder, President & CEO

  7. jefferey a. faulkerson…….you wait for jesus on your..i see jesus in steve perry and many others…then pick up the mantel and do gods work

  8. This guy is a intelligent man and his book has the potential to end internalized racism. But the reality check on the man is that his stance is hard to find out unless you buy the book. So people who dont have access to computers, cars, or jobs cannot find out his stance despite what a one paragraph description of a book summary tells you. Steve Perry is trying to make a buck by selling a controversial book at a price that a yuppie urbanite or modern pc activist will buy. Thats fine but the people he talks about changing are not going to buy this book. since i teach many of the typical/stereotypical individuals inside his opinions i feel i can make the judgment that my lesser privalleged or mtv/rap obsessed child is not going to buy this book. Hey Steve Perry if mtv can cause a thug attitude through music, than how do you supose you can put this concept through people who cant read on a 7th grade level at the age of 17. If this was a movie or documentary youd would be an astonishing activist. right now you just belly flopped into failure, man up steve only rich pc white folks and hippies will read this beside myself. in summation your words have potential but the medium you put them threw, i.e. book was a poor choice. and before some obsessed fan write under my comment “what an idiot” “Learn Grammar” haha well im telling you know a ton of words are mispelled and i dont care, you will still retain, love, or hate these words.

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