Republican Candidate’s Remarks on Crime Add Racial Tensions

I don’t know where to being.  Crime has increased throughout the area.  Charles County has transformed over the past 5 years.  More homes, and commerical property have attracted many of the middle class who could not afford the outrageous prince increase of homes in the surrounding counties,  It was the perfect alternative. 

But there was a pre-existing problem that Charles County had long before this economic boom; hate groups.  I grew up in Prince George’s County;  I was a child of the 80’s.  And I remember that Charles County was not the place to visit.  That there was a high concentration of hate groups and people who did not welcome black people with open arms. 

Times have changed and the county is more diverse.  Now crime may have increased.  When there is an affordable area, you will get mixture of all sorts of people; unfortuantly people who have no respect fo others find their way into these areas as well.  People will argue that Prince George’s County had its fair share of problems before the economic and housing boom in D.C.. but no one can deny that a lot of D.C. residents moved into Prince George’s County, and some of them (not all) contributed to the existing crime problems.

I see the same happening in Charles County.  The focus should be on the increase of crime and hate crimes in Charles County,  not race.  White and blacks are committing crimes and you can’t pin it on one group of people, even if it is revealed that one ethnicity is committing more types of crimes then others; you can go to another area in the Country and it would be completely reversed.   

Republican Candidate’s Remarks  On Crime Add to Racial Tensions

By Philip Rucker

Al Smith, the rough-riding cowboy of Charles County politics, strode to a red-white-and-blue tree stump to deliver, well, his stump speech. The brim of his 10-gallon hat cast a slight shadow over Smith’s face as he took to the bully pulpit to deliver his pitch.


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