Bush’s Detainee Plan Is Criticized

This administration keeps overstepping its authority.  President Bush and gang is exploiting the American people byusing the “War on Terror” as an excuse to abuse their powers.  Even members of their own party are questioning his Tactics.  Finally moderate republicans are seeing this administration for the elitist that they are.  This administration and their agents are not making policy decisions in the best interest of the American people, they are selfish power obsessed people who are only looking out for themselves.  The American people are catching on and GOP rule in the House and the Oval Office will come to an end.

Bush’s Detainee Plan Is Criticized

By Charles Babington  and R. Jeffrey Smith

President Bush’s campaign to sharply limit the courtroom rights of suspected terrorists ran into opposition yesterday from key Republican senators and even top uniformed military lawyers, who said it would violate basic principles of justice.


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