Wake up Jack Johnson!!

Baker confronting Johnson in Largo was well needed.  Jack Johnson would not debate Baker.  Baker has been showing up to meet and greet in the communities where Johnson has been ghost.  I do hope that this close race will be a wake up call for Johnson who has put the crime issue on the back burner.  Yes we have seen economic development in our county, but the crime and decrease in social culture is embarrassing.  We are the laughing stock of the Washington, D.C. metro area.  He needs to focus more on fighting crime and stop denying the fact that we have a problem. 

When ABC’s political drama Commander and Chief aired an episode about one of our towns having a high crime problem, he lashed out at the network, complaining that it portrayed this county in a negative light. The truth is we do have a crime problem in the county.  I wish Johnson and others would stop downplaying it like we only have 25 murders a year, or we only have 10 car thefts a year.  We have a serious problem, and in my opinion that should be his number one focus, not bringing an upscale grocery store into the county.  That’s one of the reasons why we can’t get more upscale stores in the county because of the crime.  What good is it to bring these businesses to the county when we can’t protect them or us the level that we deserve? 

If this were Montgomery County, the residents would hold the County Executive responsible for addressing the crime problem and if they were not satisfied with the results, they would vote for someone else.  But in Prince George’s County we get so comfortable with people that a lot of us vote for what we know to be familiar; and these very same people continue to complain day in and day out, but keep voting for the same officials.  Anyone who objectively looked at the crime problem in this county along with the scandals would not have voted for Johnson this time around.  Johnson has not addressed any of these issues. 

The only time we see Johnson is when he complains about other people talking negatively about Prince George’s County.  He has not adequately addressed the status of our public schools.  He has not addressed the crime problem to my satisfaction and or solutions to curtailing crime.  The only thing I can say positive about Johnson is that he has brought economic growth to Prince George’s.  But what good is economic growth, when crime continues to plague the county?  We need a change, and this close primary election vote should be a wake up call to Executive Johnson.

Johnson Claims Reelection Win

By Rosalind S. Helderman

Prince George’s County Executive Jack B. Johnson claimed a reelection victory early this morning after a facing a surprisingly tough challenge from Rushern L. Baker III.


2 Responses

  1. I am still in disbelief. More angry that the residents of our county found much more important things to do besides vote! The turnout was a shame, especially in such an important race. I was reading some comments on the washingtonpost.com, and someone made a good point that they would have liked to have voted for rushern, but since they were republican, they couldn’t. I think in elections that will be decided by the primary, all parties should be allowed to vote. That only seems fair. I still think Rushern should consider doing a “Joe Lieberman” to get in the general election. JJ would be toast then.
    Well, I thought this was a well-educated county, but obviously 52% of the people were stupid enough to get hoodwinked by this crooked fool.

  2. I agree with you tam_rock, the voter turn out in our county and in the area was sad. I too thought this was a well educated county, but some people have become so angry and disengaged with politics that they just don’t care anymore. But what they fail to realize is that we pay taxes, our government takes money and it is their job to provide the best services as possible so I will always vote, it is my right and it is my duty. This is a sad day in Maryland Politics.

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