Few Black Churches Get Funds

This does not surprise me one bit.  The Republicans set out to get the black vote by engaging black churches.  They Promoted the sanctity of marriage and the homosexuality issue, and a lot of us fell for it.  Many in the black church thought they were going to benefit from the President’s “Faith Based Initiative” but they were sadly mistaken.

You see this administration is only concerned with the elite in this country.  Big Corporations and Mega Churches who bring in huge profit margins each year.  So the mom and pop Churches who fell for the scam are really getting burned now, because it takes money to manage a government grants and funds.  There is so much bureaucratic tape to apply and receive and administer grants that the Administration knew that the small black churches who supported him couldn’t handle these faith based grants.  You got had, hood-winked, and you deserve it!!!   Instead of concentrating on educating the black community and combating the educational issues in the black community they wanted to focus on who is sleeping with who and the women’s right to her own body.  Now look where your vote for this President has landed you.

Few Black Churches Get Funds

By Michael A. Fletcher

The Bush administration’s faith-based initiative is reaching only a tiny percentage of the nation’s black churches, most of which have limited capacity to run social programs, hampering the initiative’s promise of empowering those congregations to help the needy, according to a study to be released…


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