Waldorf Man, 21, Sentenced in Fires

3 years!! that’s it!!!  Why wasn’t this crime classified as a Hate Crime.  It is quite apparent that this arson was racially motivated.  Charles County is becoming more diverse by the minute, and some people do not like that.  They are used to their neighbors looking like them and do not appreciate or understand diversity. 

The African Americans who are moving to Charles County span from middle class to upper middle class; many of rich are moving into half a million dollar homes. These black people are progressive and college educated and cause no harm.  But there are some people in Charles County who are afraid of people who do not look like them.  They believe that their quality of life will be altered if black folk continue to move into their county.  So some panic and use terror to vent their frustrations.  This is a classic example of terrorism in this country!  

Waldorf Man, 21, Sentenced in Fires

By Stephen Manning

A federal judge in Greenbelt sentenced a Waldorf man to more than three years in prison Friday for his role in the burning of the Hunters Brooke subdivision in western Charles County.

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