In Baltimore, Staying Home for School

Brother Asim brings up some interesting points.  His wife was very active in their children’s education.  She volunteered at her children’s school in Baltimore and things still did not get better.  There is a serious problem with the American Public School System.  The problem with the school system is our Federal Government.  They penalize state schools for not meeting expectations and goals they set forth and base how much money they give states depending on these results. 

If the states don’t have the money to implement these guidelines, then how the hell can they succeed?  I feel that each of the 50 states in the Union, need to ban together and demand that our Government not only come up with a  uniform curriculum, but that they also fund states equally.  I am so sick and tired of excuses.  Teachers are underpaid and overworked, and Principals are faced with trying to meet standards or risk of loosing funding.  So I agree with Brother Asim and his wife’s decision to pull their children out of Baltimore public Schools.  People complain that when parents pull their children out of public schools that they turn their back on the system, but what choice do they have when their children are not receiving the type of education that they deserve.  

In Baltimore, Staying Home for School

By Jabari Asim

“Write something positive about our school,” my son’s pre-kindergarten teacher urged me when we met for the first time last fall.


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