Lawmakers Near Penalties Against Sudan

Republican Senator Richard Lugar has removed language from the Darfur Bill.

“The congressional measure, which has passed the House and Senate, has stalled because the Bush administration opposed the divestment language. Sen. Richard Lugar, R-Ind., chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, insisted it be removed.”

Senator Lugar is wrong.  Why would we invest our pension funds into a country that commits Genocide!! 

“A spokesman for Lugar said the administration is reluctant to back divestment by individual states because those investment decisions are too difficult to reverse later on, once penalties are lifted.”

We are talking about the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of Africans; human lives, you can’t put a dollar amount on human lives! It appears to me that he are more concerned with how hard it would be to lift sancations then to save lives. 

 States that had balls!!!

“This year, New Jersey became the first state to divest public funds from foreign companies tied to Sudan; states such as Illinois and Oregon have also enacted divestment laws.”

Hats off to New Jersey and Oregon for stepping up the plate!!  But in Illinois there is a powerful trade organization that is suing the state of Illinois claiming that forcing divestment is wrong and would cripple the economy.

Contact Senator!!

Please email Senator Lugar at:

Call him at 202-224-4814 or 317-226-5555

Contact him and let him that deleting the divestment clause out of the Darfur Bill is wrong 

Lawmakers Near Penalties Against Sudan


WASHINGTON — Congress is close to approving penalties against Sudan after lawmakers agreed not to endorse efforts in some states to remove their funds from companies dealing with the Sudanese government.

Anxiety mounts as Sen. Lugar delays Darfur peace measure
By David Mikhail 

A prominent Republican senator is stalling a bill addressing the genocide afflicting Darfur.

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