Allen Denies Using Epithet to Describe Blacks

Why would an anthropologist and radiologist have to gain by lying?  I don’t understand the people who still have a hard time believing that Allen has never dropped the “N” word.  What else does he have to do?  He has all ready called someone derogatory ethnic name in public.  Some Allen supporters have said that people make mistakes and since this alleged act took place a long time ago that it is water under the bridge; so easy for them to say.  I would have respected him if he admitted to using the word and it was based on ignorance and the time that he grew up in.  But he is flat out denying that he has ever used the “N” word. 

What is also evident is the level of self hate that his mom has.  What were her reasons for not acknowledging that she was Jewish?  Jewish people suffered a great deal in Europe and she should be proud of her heritage.  But for whatever reason, she chose not to.  So is it really hard to believe that Allen who grew up in VA, the heart of the confederacy has never dropped a racial epithet?  Why would these two men lie about something like this?  Listen with a third eye and ear people.

Allen Denies Using Epithet to Describe Blacks

By Michael D. Shear  and Tim Craig

RICHMOND, Sept. 25 — Virginia Sen. George Allen on Monday denied allegations by a college football teammate and another former acquaintance that the senator used a racial epithet to refer to blacks during and after his time at the University of Virginia in the early 1970s.


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