3 Idiots of the Week

There are 3 people who have been awarded the Idiot of the Week Award in Native Son Land.  They are:

1.  Albert Hanyesworth: I still can’t believe this fool stepped on the head of Dallas Cowboy’s Andre Gurode.  There is no excuse for this and he deserves more then a 5 game suspension.  I hope that Gurode presses criminal charges against this ignorant jackass.  And this is not the first time he has engaged in violent behavior against teammates. 

2.  Gene Upshaw: Gene Upshaw President of the NFL Players Association gets the second award.  When ESPN’s Chris Mortensen asked Upshaw about Haynesworth’s 5 game suspension, Upshaw said that he would challenge the suspension because of its unprecedented length. 

The suspension was unprecedented because this idiot stepped on the unprotected head of another athlete.  This was not only stupid, but it was malicious.  Upshaw should be recommending an even longer suspension.  What in the hell is this ignorant negro thinking???  Upshaw needs his damn head examined if he thinks the suspension is too harsh.  What an idiot.

3.  Mark Foley: Well I have all ready blogged about this idiot, you can read previous post on him, but I could not leave him off the list. 

Honorable Mentions: Every Key Republican in Congress who knew of any type of emails and/or instant messages between Foley and Congressional Pages.  They need to stop BS’ing and tell the truth.  We all know what “overly friendly” emails mean.  They knew what this nasty bastard was doing and they swept it under the carpet; just as the Catholic Church did. 

Republicans were so “outraged”  and “disgusted’ by Clinton’s affair with a legally aged women, but have no problem with an old ass, crusty, wrinkled prune getting fresh with under-aged kids??  And can someone please throw a camera or a notepad at Tony Snow at the next press conference.  His smug, arrogant attitude is annoying.  I am glad that reporters took him to task yesterday.  Even Meredith from the Today Show was pimp smacking him yesterday.

I would also like to give an honorable mention to all the Conservative talk show host who accused the Congressional Pages as being the ones in the wrong.  One Neo-Conservative had the nerve to say that the kids are like stallions these days, and they know what they are doing. What an idiot!!!


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