A Poor Choice of Words

Jabari Asim is once again on point in this article.  I haved listened to an array of opinions concerning Webb and Allen and one thing remains clear to me;  that America is sick of talking about race and color. 

Asim says exactly what I wanted to say, no matter how much main stream America thinks that race issues are overrated and tired, Asim says:

If Southerners feel particularly picked on by Webb’s waffling, they have a point. After all, the epithet has passed through quite a few Northern, Western and Midwestern lips as well. It’s an all-American insult and, despite the efforts of some to “disempower” the word, it still exudes an eye-watering stench.

The N-word is truly an All-American insult.  It is a word that was blatantly used to demean and demoralize people based on the color of their skin.  But unfortunately even some of my people have no problem using this word, especially in the entertianment community. 

And to make matters worse, main stream America’s attempt to brush these accusations off as “not sticking to the real issues” are sadly mistaken.  This is indeed a real issue, and as Asim writes:

It suggests an emotional investment in what social scientist Gunnar Myrdal called a set of false beliefs with a purpose. Like a fondness for nooses and Confederate flags, it reflects a misplaced nostalgia that should rightly raise alarms among wary voters. If either candidate is found to have uttered the word, he should own up to it and testify that he has since found enlightenment. What did Trent Lott call his woeful song of praise to segregation a few years back? “A poor choice of words.” Yeah, that would work.

Could not have said it any better. 


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