When the System Fails to Protect Children

This is very complex and disturbing article  in the Washington Post on the Child Welfare System in this country.  it will be very interesting to see how this case plays out in court.  Legally, if the State of VA requires full disclosure at the time adoption, and they did not, then I do feel that the state is at fault.  According the the Washington Post, there are some State documents where medical information concerning this young man has been omitted.  As a public administrator, one thing that you learn is to document everything, because you work for the public, everything must be documented.  If the State did not disclose everything Ms. Briggs needed to know before adoption, then unfortunately I think she should be able to dissolve the adoption.

Now on the moral side of things, this article states clearly that Ms. Briggs has used the foster care to supplement her income.  Since she is on disability, foster care is the best way she can help provide income for her husband who works for the city.  Foster Care was not designed to supplement ones income.  I do believe that she cares for the kids in her custody, but it is obvious that the money is a motivating and driving factor.  And now since her adopted son is a registered sex offender, that jeopardizes her role as Foster Care provider.

The ultimate looser in this battle is the child.  This young man has had a rocky childhood.  Being born to drug addicted parents who physically abused him as a child, he has been in and out mental hospitals.  This little boy doesn’t know what it feels like to be loved.  Our children are suffering and not enough is being done about fixing the dilapidated foster care system in this country.  Social Workers have a high turn-over rate probably because they are exhausted, over-worked and under payed.  Something needs to be done!  Write your local and State legislators.


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