Affirmative Action: Some People just don’t Get it

This is a very critical time in our country.  Some people in our country don’t understand why Affirmative Action (Article 1, Article 2) is not only needed but it is necessary. 

Don’t Get it Twisted

Affirmative Action was established to give qualified minorities the opportunity to obtain employment where historically they had been shut up because of discrimination.  Does it still happen today?  Hell yeah it does.  Some in main stream America feel that it places unqualified African Ameircans in positions which is not true.  It doens’t help that the elitist and black conservatives spread the message that Affirmative Action cripples black people.  Black Republicans like Clarence Thomas and Condi Rice would not have been able to obtian their positions on education alone if it wasn’t for the previous struggle that people during the Civil Rights Movement.  And this fight still wages on today, because even those of us like myself who are college educated and well rounded still may face companies who still recruit based on the “good old boy” system.  Numerous university studies have shown that some employers discriminate based on the name on resumes.  Those with more “ethnic” sounding names are not even given an chance to interview.  Discrimination now becomes harder and harder to prove, because it is carefully executed by some in corporate America.

As long as there is 1 employerin this country who discriminates based on the color of someone’s skin; as long as there is 1 Skin Head in this country, as long as there is 1 Klan member in existence in this country, there will always be a need for Affirmative Action.  African American are not trying to take jobs away from white people and it definitely does not put unqualified people of color in positions over them.  That notion and theory is prejudice within itself.



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