Liveliest D.C. Neighborhoods Also Jumping With Robberies

I remember when U Street and 14th Street weren’t called lively areas.  They were infested with prostitutes and crime; mostly poor to middle class people. Now since these areas have been ‘revitalized’ or “gentrified” the crime in these areas are causing concern accroding to this Washington Post Article

I am not condoning crime but gentrification will not work unless you include a the existing community. You can’t put up $500,000  condos in the hood and expect the neighborhood to welcome you with open arms.  What government officials and those who are fortunate enough to purchasehalf million dollar properties in these neighborhoods fail to realize is this:  raising propert values in the hood and building starbucks only scratches the surface of the problems in these communities. 

The poor, lower and working class people who struggle everyday are still working in low paying jobs, they are still facing huge social issues. Gentrification in DC has only given the hood an exterior face lift. 

While the upper class is sipping on 4.00 Starbucks coffee and walking their dog through moderate income and section-8 housing, people all around them are hanging on by a thread trying to afford high ass rent. 

Gentrification needs to include all economic levels including my class, the Middle Class.  I am a college educated professional and I can’t even afford a condo in the D.C. area.  The Middle Class is stuck in between not making enough money to afford the 500,000 dollar properties and make too much money to qualify for Moderate Income programs.  Sure, we qualify for first time home-buyer programs; but if you can’t afford a 500,000 condo, then giving me money for a down payment is not going to do a damn thing for me!!!!

When you gentrify a neighborhood, yo must be sure to include property that all economic levels can afford and also focus more attention on the poor in that community!!!

Gentrification in DC = Moving in upper middle class people into lower income neighborhoods to give the appearance that they improving the quality of life for all. 


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