GAY BASHING VICTIM DIES OF INJURIES: Michael Dandy, 29, was attacked last Sunday; family decided to remove him from life support.

I first heard of this story over the weekend.  It is a damn shame that this brotha had to die based on his sexuality.  I am tired of the hate.  These punks actually set up a profile on a gay website and lured this brotha to a place to beat and rob him.  Now he has died.  It makes no sense.  I am a Christian and I could care less if you like men or women, gay or striaght. 

There are real issues and problems in society that we need to deal with.  Religion has caused wars, religion has cause crusades which slaughtered people, religion has caused divide.  Look at the state of our world; Muslims against Jews, Christians against Muslims, the list goes on.  Within Christianity, denominations actually have feuds over man made rules they have established; Holiness against Pentecostal and Bapitist against Methodist. 

Believe in a high power but dont let that alter your train of thought and your capability to make your own decisions an judements.  We have become a society where we believe everything we hear and see and this has caused us to loose control.

I read this article on  There is a new book out that talks about how the black church and its attitudes towards gays and lesbians.  This may be an interesting read.


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