Shaking Things up in SE

This was a great article in the Post.  SE is attempting to bring back the middle class to the neighborhood.  Actually there is a middle and upper middle class presence all ready there but it is always overshadowed by crime coverage.


As a middle class educated black man I am glad that they are bringing a new market into SE.  Like the guy mentioned in the article, there is an abundance of moderate income and low income housing in DC and MD.  When I was apartment hunting I got so sick and tired of people telling me that “this property is for moderate income only” you can’t make more then 37,000 a year.  So I guess those of us who make 40K-60K are super rich and can afford the 500,000 condos in this area?? I think not.  I also feel the pain of those who are lower income who can’t afford property; but the middle class has been completely shut up of the apartment and housing market.  We don’t make enough money to afford the 500,000 condos and we make too much money to take advantage of moderate income housing.  At first I wanted to stay in Prince George’s County, but since they are building affordable condos in SE that the average middle class person can afford I plan to at least check some of the real estate in SE.


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