Gay GOP Hill Staffers Sound Off


The Washington Post printed an article today on gay GOP hill staffers.  The party of  “family values” believe that marriage is defined between a man and a woman.  This is the platform from which they base their political views and polices on.  Or do they?  Let’s look more in depth of the hypocrisy in the Grand Old Party.

While Clinton was in office, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Policy was a compromise because the GOP aka “family and moral values” party feel that being gay is wrong.

I could care less who a person chooses to be with.  The GOP thrives off of being the party of traditional family values.  Some GOP members have compared homosexuality to beastiality; and these same members of the GOP have key staff members who are gay.  Hell, the Vice President’s daughter is gay.  So looking good for their political “base” (Right ring elitist and radical Christians) and being hypocrites is more important in admitting that not only do they know gay people, but they are trusted key figures in their Hill offices and families. 

The founders of our country believed in separation between church and state but the church seems to have their hands in everything.  The GOP was brilliant in using their family values platform to lure the religious population their back pocket.  the Evangelicals stood behind the party of family values thinking that they could finally get the Congress to bring stability back into the American Home.  Many in the church community believe that the divorce rate is so high because of homosexuals; that the reason why the family is falling apart is because of those nasty gay people. 

The GOP even managed to even con some in the black church community.  Since church has been a major force in the black community some of us get so caught up in trivial things that are easily blinded.  Some in the black community feel that being gay is worse then cheating on your spouse.  Some of in the black church community have even blamed the demise and struggle of black man on homosexuality; stating that it was a demonic spirit put on earth to further break down the black family. 

Studies show that most marriages fail because of money and cheating.  With so many social ills that black people face (especially black men), such as black men are not finishing school, can’t read on the appropriate grade level, highrates of unemployment and racial discrimination, you would think that would take priority over who is sleeping with who; but I digress because the black church is a topic for another blog entry.

The point I am trying to make is we as a society really need to stay focused on what is important; Health Care, Education, Poverty and Crime.  These social ills are not caused because two men or two women deicde to have stable relationships.  I someone wants to be gay, let them be gay!  If I get robbed, 9 1/2 times out of ten it won’t be by a gay person; when I look at how the public educational system has failed our children, it has nothing to to do with gay people;  when I look at the global situation with nations fighting nations and people killing other people based on religious arrogance and ignorance, I don’t think: “Damn gay people, they are the root of all evil”  Just live your own life refocus all of your energies to one of the many social ills in this country or throughout the world because guess what?  Life is bigger then you and I.  It’s not all about you……


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