Trial Opens For Two Men Charged in Girl’s Death

Here is another tragic story  that did not have to end this way.  There are some things that really trouble me about this story.


Jahkema Hansan “Princeess” was 14 y/o when she was murdered.  She was the “sometime” boyfriend of Marquette Ward who is now 31 y/o.  Which means she was involved at the time wit ha 28 y/o man.  Where in the hell were her parents?  How was she able to date a 28 y/o man?

What is more disturbing is when Jahkema was talking to police, she revealed more disturbing behavior.  According to the Washington Post:

“Even after detectives told Hansen that she was in danger, she told them her sexual prowess was well known in the neighborhood and made her untouchable. When Jackson repeated the boast in the crude words that the 14-year-old used, courtroom spectators were startled.”

“It wasn’t the only glimpse yesterday into the teenager’s dangerous life. Hansen was out after 3 a.m. Jan. 18, Jackson told the jury, looking to get high when she saw Ward kill Evans on the sixth floor of 36 K St. NW. Other such details are likely to emerge as Jackson and fellow Assistant U.S. Attorney Deborah Sines present their case before the jury and Judge Wendell P. Gardner Jr.”

“Hansen’s mother, Judyann, her eyes shrouded by brown sunglasses, listened to the prosecution’s account from the third row of the courtroom.”

Jahkema who was only 14 years old, was outside after 3am looking to get high?  14 years old???   Once again, I ask, where in the hell were her parents?  I don’t get it.

There is a new breed of parent and I don’t understand what is going on.  Parents for whatever reason legitimate or not, have checked out of their children’s lives and it is anything goes.  This young girl could have lived a long and prosperous life, despite of what neighborhood she lived in, if she had responsible and stable parents.


3 Responses

  1. Agreed. Many parents have checked out of parenting — it’s a role for old people apparently and damnit if we aren’t forever young — so we have a large subculture of more or less independent teenagers. And this subculture extends across racial and class lines, meaning that groups of rich kids (white and black etc) in Upper NW are also running around on their own, except they’re not witnessing murders and getting murdered. Living in poverty, though, adds that more dangerous dimension, because violence is always present and human life boils down to economic expediency.

  2. This, as in many violent crimes in DC is tragic, horrible, senseless and PREVENTABLE!

    This girl’s mother should not have even been allowed in the courtroom! She herself should have been somewhere facing child neglect charges! So many of these young, stupid women are allowing these young, stupid men to get them pregnant and between the two of them they don’t have the sense God gave chewing gum.

    These pitiful males then disappear into the night like cockroaches leaving these pitiful girls to try and raise babies into something that they themselves are not. Reasonable, sensible adults.

    This girl’s mother was probably off with her boyfriend, or somewhere else in DC playing cards and giving less than a damn that her little girl was the most popular dope-fiend-junkie-slut in the neighborhood! Yeah, that’s hard – but sh*t, so are the streets of DC.

    Shame on this girl’s parents, and the mean, loveless streets of Washington DC for not even giving her a chance to be productive in this life.

  3. i feel like its also her parents fault seeing as though see should of had a curfew in the first place and she shouldnt be dating anyone at the age of 31 cause tha very nasty.

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