O’Reilly on Oprah

I got a chance to see O’Reilly on Oprah’s show yesterday and he delivered his elitist rhetoric as I expected.

Bill O’Reilly attempted to paint a distorted picture of liberals by calling them “secular progressive.” He classifies himself as a “traditionalist” or someone who believes that their approach to policy and social issues are based on the principals of our founding fathers.  It is obvious that he is an attempting to demonize liberals. 

What O’Reilly failed to tell the audience on the Oprah show is the term “traditionalist” is another word for “elitist” Our Government is now being controlled based on the Elite Group Theory of public policy.  The elitist in this country are a small group of wealthy neo conservatives who use their money and influence to control government.  These people believe that they have done enough for America’s poor and downtrodden.  They want the ‘masses’ to take care of the ‘masses.’  They could care less about the poor, working and middle class.  The Elitist funnel financial support and economic power to those politicians who will best express their views on Capitol Hill.

There is a culture war going on in this country, and the elitist are the cause of it.  O’Reilly is trying to make people believe that Traditionalist (elitist) know what is best for our country and if you are a “secular progressive” (liberal) you mean well but are causing the moral values of our country to diminish. This is a false and ignorant notion.  O’Reilly stated that citizens could be middle of the road (a cross between traditionalist and secular progressive) but this mind set is not good for our country.  No one person or group of people has the right to say that an individual who has both conservative and liberal views is somehow not good for the country.  This type of arrogant thinking is typical of the elitist in this country; you either have to be with them or not.  This is the type of government we are currently dealing with; the elite few who are governing and imposing their way of thinking on the masses.  


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  1. O’Reilly is just such a dick. I’d like to see Al Franken get him all spun-up again.

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