Black Hopkins Students Protest Racist Frat Party


I am completly disgusted at the actions of some students at Johns Hopkins University;  but this does not surprise me.  Once again black people are being marginalized by main stream society.  Slavery is a very serious issue and is a part of history that is often distorted and discounted.  The other type cast images at the party were overly and grossly racist.  It is quite obvious that this was motivated by ignorance. According to the Baltimore Sun:

“The invitation to the Saturday night party, posted on the Web site Facebook, described Baltimore as “the hiv pit” and encouraged attendees to wear “regional clothing from our locale” such as “bling bling ice ice, grills,” and “hoochie hoops.”

“A picture of Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice accompanied the posted invitation, BSU members said.”” “ps we STILL don’ discriminate against hoodrats, skig skags, or scallywhops,” it read.”The Baltimore Sun  reports that Johns Hopkins Black Student Union is protesting the behavior of the white fraternity linked to this Halloween Hood Party.  I know want to address the comments readers left on the Baltimore Sun message board.

Some white readers posted messages saying that the students were imitating a culture that black people themselves glorify in rap music and videos. One poster even asked what the big deal was and that it was only a frat party. 

Though it is true that there are some in the Hip-Hop community who contribute to the marginalization of people of color through music and images, this movement is funded and generates huge reveune for the white owned entertainment and media companies in this country; neither if which is right. 

My second point is just because something exists or is happening doesn’t mean you have to jump on the bandwagon and further encourage social behavior that is rooted in racism.  No culture or ethnicity deserves the type of stereotyping and marginalization that black people deal with on a daily basis.  Baltimore has it problems with drugs and violence which affects mostly people of color.  But what is the difference between the weed and crack epidemic which plagues inner cities and the Meth epidemic that plagues suburban families?  There should be no difference but unfortunately since Meth is affecting main stream white comunities, it is much bigger problem then those poor black peoplein the hood who can’t control themselves.  We look down on black people addicted to crack, but pour our hearts out to white families who are experiencing a disruption in their households due to Meth.

Until this country ackwowledges that racial undertones still exist in this country, these types of behaviors will contiune to exist.

“TalkingStuff” had some good points in her blog post on this issue as well.  check her out


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  1. That whole we are just imitating what Black people alreayd do defense is interesting. Unfortunately, this reveal the sad state of affairs in contemporary racism. Stereotypes are everywhere, and Black artists and the white financieers of their art promote these images. Then, when other Black folks complain about these stereotypes, suddenly the Black people do it too defense comes up.

    As if these students protesting are personally responsible for what other Black folks do.

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