Council Member Among other African American Democrats in PG County Loose their Minds

First of all, Mr. Knotts endorsing Steele has ensured him not getting my vote next week, even if he is the only person on the ballot. 

I live in Fort Washington and I agree that residents of this county, especially those who are middle and upper middle class do not participate enough on the grass roots level, but endorsing Steele just because he is black and lives in the county is not enough.  Steele, if elected to the Senate will vote in favor of the Republican Party.  I do not believe for a second that a freshman Senator would vote against his party on a national level just to save face for one county in a State of Maryland. 

The pack of 5 Prince George’s County Officials who endorsed Steele this week must have been promised something in return of their endorsement.  I don’t buy the rationale for them supporting Steele.  Yes black people are tired of the Maryland State Democratic Party in not producing black candidates for national offices, but supporting a black republican is not the answer.  When will black people learn to look at the big and overall picture when making sound political decisions?  I heard one Prince George’s County Democrat for Steele say that he is voting for Steele because he is against gay marriage and abortions.  Did this brotha ask what Steele’s position on confirming conservative judges to the bench which in the case of the Supreme Court is a life time appointment?  Conservative Judges more than likely rule against abortions and the legalization of gay marriage but guess what else they rule against?  Affirmative Action.  My point is national politics and policy trump local politics.


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