New website Causing Outrage

I want to thank all of my people who contributed in this word becoming so main stream and popular that people are creating websites based on the ‘N’ word. 

The NY Post wrote an article about an 18 boy (named who is only known as Tyrone) from New jersey who has decided that the myspace website did not provide an environment where black people could be comfortable (which is not true) so he created a site in myspace’s image called ‘N’ Space.  On his site this idiot claims that the site is not meant to be racist, but a place where people of color can go and feel comfortable. 

I have never heard such BS in my life.  I just went on the website a few minutes ago and it says that it is temporarily down.  I am hoping that someone pulled the plug on it


2 Responses

  1. Unforunately, the site is up and running again, but I couldn’t agree with you more — the ‘reasoning’ behind creating the site is a bunch of BS!

  2. You’re right, we have no one to blame but ourselves for mainstreaming that word.

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