Democrats Press GOP to Ease Off Game Plan for Voter Challenges

Bring it on GOP!!!  The Washington Post  is reporting that the Md GOP has issued a 13 page voter play book which encourages their poll watcher to aggressively challenge the credentials of voters.  Now guess where the majority of these poll tactics will be administered; mostly neighborhoods where there is a high concentration of minorities.  The only voting problems we have been having is from the company who provided the voting machines.  And as we all know this company’s President is a Bush supporter! 

This Democrat will be on watch as well; to make sure you doin’t use voter intimidation tactics that may sway people from voting.  Who in the hell do you think your fooling?  This is not 1906, this is 2006!! 

The GOP in MD are desperate. The Democrats will win on Tuesday, no matter what the GOP in Maryland attempts to do. Seriously, a 13 page play book? I dare any GOP member confront me or anyone especially in Prince Georges County they may work in Mont. County. Bring it on GOP!!! I am waiting for you.


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