GOP: More Drama For The Party of Family Moral Values


I want to thank the GOP for basically handing the House over to the Democrats.  I read this article in the Washington Post.  Rep. Congressman Don Sherwood, has found himself in a bit of a pickle.  It appears that Sherwood has to pay his ex-mistress 500,000.  His mistress filed a law suit and they decided to settle; but here are the terms:

“The settlement, reached in November 2005, called for Cynthia Ore to be paid in installments, according to a person who spoke on condition of anonymity because the deal is confidential. She has received less than half the money so far, and will not get the rest until after the Nov. 7 election, the person said Thursday.”

“A confidentiality clause requires Ore to forfeit some of the money if she talks publicly about the case, according to this person and two other people familiar with elements of the case.”

Do you see how desperate members of the GOP are to maintain control of Congress?  This man’s ex mistress is claiming that Sherwood physically abused her and all he is concerned with is his political career.  And I do believe that he abused her because of the great lengths he went through to keep her quiet until after the elections.  This is the party who’s main platform is based off of family and moral values?  Neo-Cons are the most immoral hypocritical selfish people in politics and it is time for a change.  I am not saying that Democrats are angels, but damn it the GOP of today are the biggest bunch of hypocrites that I have seen.


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